EPG Parcels



From 1 gr to 30 kg.





EPG Parcels

Length 150 mm, width 110 mm, height 10 mm

Length 1500 mm,  and the aggregate total of the length and the greatest perimeter, calculated in a direction other than the length, 3000 mm

EPG Parcels-Cylindrical

Length plus twice the diameter to be more that 170 mm and the largest dimension to be morethan 100 mm

Length 1500 mm and diameter 300 mm.

The maximum weight and dimensions may vary according to the destination country.

Correct and full completion of the carriage voucher

Full completion of all the required fields.

Full and accurate description of the contents including its true value.


Packaging should be suitable taking into consideration the weight, the shape and the contents type as well as the distance to the final destination.

The package should enable the postal staff to handle the item in a safe and secure manner without jeopardizing their health nor causing damage to other postal items.