Cyprus Post

The Department of Postal Services (Cyprus Post) operates under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works and is governed by the Post Office Law, Cap. 303 and by The Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services Law of 2004 (N.112 (I)/2004) as they have been amended to date. The latter law has incorporated in the national legislation the Directives 97/67/EC, 2002/39/EC and 2008/6/EC of the European Parliament and Council. These Directives have set the legal frame for the provision of postal services in a single European market, aiming the development of the postal market and the improvement of the quality of the service offered in favour of the European citizens.

According to article 161 (7) of Law 112(I)/2004, the Cyprus Post remains the Universal Service Provider in the Republic Of Cyprus until 31st December 2027. Consequently, they have the obligation to provide universal postal service of given quality, at uniform and affordable prices throughout the Republic.

The minimum bundle of postal services that constitutes the universal postal service includes:

Minimum access points based on the needs of users, geographic specificities and social conditions;

at least one delivery, save in exceptional cases or specific geographic conditions, every working day, for at least five days a week, of postal items, including packages weighing up to two and twenty kg respectively, to the residence or premises of every person, or at such identified points or otherwise as the Commissioner may approve from time to time;

At least one clearance, save in exceptional cases or specific geographic conditions, every working day for at least five days a week, from each access point, of postal items and packages described in paragraph

Provision of postal service of registered and insured postal items, at uniform prices throughout the Republic:

The universal service includes both national and cross-border services.

As regards the funding of the net cost of the universal service, article 123 of the legislation provides for the setup of a Compensation Fund in which all holders of a special licence will contribute. In case this cost is not covered by the contributions it will be covered by the state budget.

The above law also stipulates, among others, the obligations of the universal service provider towards the consumers.  Article 124 specifies that postal prices should be cost oriented, to be affordable, transparent and uniform across Cyprus, without however excluding the right of the universal postal service provider to conclude individual agreements on prices with customers. Furthermore, article 125 specifies that the terminal dues concerning cross border mail should be cost oriented, transparent and to be linked with the quality of the service provided.

The Commissioner of Electronic Communication and Postal Services Regulation (CECPR) is appointed to oversee the provision of postal services in Cyprus with its mission being the promotion and the protection of the interests of the consumers as regards the prices, the availability of alternatives and the promotion of innovation in the field of electronic communications and postal services.

As part of its responsibility to overview the quality of the universal postal services, the Office of the CECPR has set in secondary legislation the quality indicators for the delivery of A’ Priority Single Mail. At the same time, the CECPR sets by decrees the obligation for the accounting separation guidelines to be followed by the universal service provider.

Quality indicators for the universal service:


Our Vision

To be the first choice in connecting people and businesses.


Our Mission

The reliable, qualitative and efficient provision of the universal postal service as well as other innovative added value services, with utilization of the postal network and infrastructure.


Our strategic objective

The sustainable upgrading of the level of postal services.