Dear Customers,

Using “Thalis Upload & Payment Platform (ThalisUpp)”, the addressee of a postal item is given the ability to upload the requested documents which are required so that the customs process of the item can be concluded, if possible, before its arrival in Cyprus. Furthermore, using the same platform, the addressee can pay for the imposed import duties, taxes and other charges  (the date will be announced soon), so that to speed up the delivery or collection of the item after it arrives in Cyprus. 

The customs handling of items entering the European Union, on the basis of the new regulations, constitutes an operational challenge. The use of the electronic customs declaration which is available before the arrival of the item, is a major tool for the implementation of the customs process before the item’s arrival in Cyprus. According to the regulations of the Universal Postal Union, it is the obligation of the sending post to provide the electronic customs declaration.

If the payment of duties and taxes is made before the item's arrival in Cyprus, then it can be delivered at the recipient's premises, provided that the postal service used includes home deliver and provided that it is not a bulky item. You can use the Track and Trace service from our website in order to track your item. Alternatively, you can pay the relevant duties and taxes upon collection of the item at the Post Office.

Cyprus Post acts as a direct representative, in the name and on account of the importer/recipient, according to Article 18 of the Union Customs Code, for the customs clearing of the said item. We lodge customs declarations in the name of and on behalf of the importer/recipient based on the information contained in the customs declaration accompanying the said item. The Department of Customs has the sole authority and responsibility to calculate and impose import duties and/or taxes and/or other charges.

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