FAQs - Track & Trace

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  1. The Track & Trace system recognizes barcodes for registered, EMS items, parcels and EPG parcels which have the following form:


Where Χ is a letter of the English alphabet which denotes the item category, Υ is a letter of the English alphabet that is part of the barcode and ΖΖ are letters of the English alphabet that denote the country of origin.

The barcodes that are recognized by the Track & Trace systems are the ones below:

  • R: συστημένα αντικείμενα
  • L: Expres
  • C: δέματα
  • CE: δέματα EPG
  • Ε: αντικείμενα EMS

For example, the barcode RC109323211GR refers to a registered item with origin from Greece.

  1. Barcodes starting with «U», cannot be tracked, as they merely denote that the item contains merchandise. In case that a specific «U» barcoded item is subject to customs control, then it can be traced.  
  2. QuickPost items bear a 10-digit barcode 1234567890, whereas the local courier PostExpress have different types of alphanumeric barcodes.


Please check whether:

  • The barcode is correct.
  • The barcode belongs to the categories recognised.
  • The barcode was entered using English letters, without spaces in between.


  • The item probably has not arrived to its destination, so the barcode has not been scanned yet. Therefore, there is no event in the Track & Trace.
  • It has reached the destination, the barcode has been scanned in the postal operator’s Track & Trace system. You can search in the destination country’s system or through global website such as https://www.17track.net/en etc.

If you wish to initiate an inquiry about your item, please fill in the relevant Postal Item Inquiry form. 

During peak periods and especially during the CHristmas holiday season, there are delays. Please check our website regularly for any updates.

In any other cases, you can fill in a postal item inquiry form in order to initiate an investigation.

Please note that various e-commerce website provide an estimated arrival date of the item to the destination country, which is not based on the actual tracking events of the item. The official track & trace history is provided through our Track & Trace system on our website.

  • Time: the date and time of the tracking event
  • Country: the country that the item is located
  • Location: the processing point where the item is located (e.g. Post Office, Sorting Center, Office of Exchange etc.)
  • Event: the tracking event
  • Next Office: refers to the next processing point where the item will be sent. Please note that the item IS NOT there yet.
  • Extra Information: this is a very important column where you can find additional information related to the tracking event, as it can been seen below:

If the Tracking System shows the above entry in the “Extra Information” column, after the elapse of reasonable time for the item to be processed and be ready for collection, you can collect it yourself, without a notification. If somebody else will pick up the item on your behalf, you should provide a written authorisation.

Please contact the sender and reconfirm that you have the correct tracking number. If the number is correct, please contact us through the contact form on the website in order to investigate the matter.

This type of barcode is for internal use by Deutsche Post. In order to track it, the barcode should be of the form CX123456789DE. You can get the corresponding recognisable barcode at https://nolp.dhl.de. Please enter the number and you will then get a barcode of the form CX123456789DE which can be used in our Track & Trace system. 

Some countries do use barcodes based on the international standards as described before. You can refer to international tracking sites such as https://www.17track.net or similar where this barcode can be recognized.

No, non-barcoded cannot be traced in the Track & Trace system and therefore an inquiry cannot be initiated.

An inquiry can be initiated only for barcoded items during a specified period that ranges from 3 months after the day of posting for EMS items up to 6 months for parcels and registered items.