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A compensation is provided to the sender, in case of loss, theft, partial or total damage to the item. The amount depends on the service used. Regular mail items as well as barcoded items beginning with “U” or “L” are not entitled to compensation. The compensation is paid to the sender provided that a postal item inquiry has been submitted and the claim is justified.

The sender can waive the compensation right in favour of the recipient after contacting the relevant department of the sending postal operator.

There is no compensation for regular non barcoded mail items or for barcoded items whose barcode begins with “U” or “L”.

For all other postal services, there is no compensation in the following cases:

  • for delay in the delivery of the item
  • for loss or damage caused due to the fault of the sender or recipient
  • for loss or damage which is the result of improper packaging or caused to the item itself due to its nature (for example perishable foods or items that do not present any damage externally but present problems during their operation etc)
  • for reasons due to force majeure or in cases of unexpected and exceptional events (delays in scheduled flights, security measures etc)
  • for any direct or indirect loss, consequential damage, loss of income or profits, loss of purchase or use, breach of contract etc, whether caused by the service or not,  to the customer or third parties
  • for false, insufficient or incorrect statement on the Accompanying Carriage Voucher
  • when the relevant application has not been submitted within the time specified
  • for items that have been confiscated or they have been returned to the sender after a ruling by any competent Authority (eg. Customs).

In case there is damage on the packing of the item, then you should examine the content during the collection of the item. In case that there is damage of the contents provided that compensation is offered as part of the terms of the specific service used, you should ask the Service Agent to fill in a damage report so that it is forwarded to the respective postal operator.  The same procedure is followed in case the damage is observed within three (3) working days from the collection of the item.