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Cyprus Post does not undertake the handling and transportation of items contained in the UPU List of Prohibited Items valid at the time, such as: radioactive materials, infectious substances, sensitive biological substances, explosives, flammable substances, corrosive material, narcotics, compressed gas and any other article whose transportation is prohibited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Cyprus Post has the right to check the item using any method or means, including the opening of the package in order to prevent the transportation of prohibited goods.

You should also note that every destination country has its own rules regarding the importation of goods. If in doubt, please ask the Service Agent at the Post Office.

It is now allowed to send money in the post. In case that the bank notes or coins are collectible items and they are no longer in use, they can be sent by registered mail provided that such items are accepted in the destination country.

Cyprus Post can send money, regardless of amount, in a fast and secured way, through MoneyGram to 200 countries with more than 300.000 service points.

Food can be sent in the post, according to the current regulations and the legislation in the destination country. However, in case the food is altered or destroyed, no compensation is provided.

A Customs Declaration CN22/CN23 needs to be filled for all items, except correspondence mail, whose destination is a country outside the European Union. It is the sender’s responsibility to describe precisely and clearly the contents of the item and to state its true value.