MoneyGram Money Transfer

The money transfer service enables individuals to send or receive money, using the extensive network of the Cyprus Post and MoneyGram's global network spanning in 200 countries with 300,000 service points.

The process is quick and simple and is completed in minimum time. In 10’ the money is available to be received in the destination country.

The MoneyGram service offers competitive fees and exchange rates for payment in a currency other than Euros, depending on the destination country.

Ideal service for foreign workers in Cyprus, for students and visitors whether on business or pleasure.

To carry out a transaction it is necessary to present some valid identification document and a valid residence permit (depending on the nationality of the sender).

To calculate the cost of a transaction and the amount that the recipient will receive, click here.

Ask at the service points about our MoneyGram Card.

Terms & Conditions

For the terms and conditions of money transfer service please click here.