As of 1st September 2020, Mr Andreas Gregoriou, who was the Director of Cyprus Post since 1st February 2008, was appointed Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Development and Environment.  

The Deputy Directors Sofronis Tsiartas (October, December etc) and Pavlos Pavlides (November, January etc) until the position is permanently filled.

Pavlos Pavlides

Pavlos was born in Ammochostos (Famagusta) on 31st December 1969.

He graduated from the Science Section of St. Peter’s & Paul’s Lyceum in Lemesos. He served his military service in the National Guard as a non-commissioned officer.

He was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship by the Government of Canada and he studied Business Administration at Acadia University, in Nova Scotia from 1989 until 1993.

He worked in managerial positions in the travel & tourism industry from 1993 until 2009, when he took the position of Chief Postal Superintendent (Deputy Director), at Cyprus Post on 16th March 2009.

In 2012 he was awarded a MSc Degree in Public Administration and Development by the University of Birmingham.

He is Head of the Postal Operations and Philately Division. He has headed many project teams within Cyprus with emphasis on technological infrastructure. He has been following the activities of PUMed since its inception. He also represents Cyprus Post at various international postal organisations.

He is married to Marina and they have two children.   

Sofronis Tsiartas

He was born in Polystypos on 25/2/1960 and he lives in Lefkosia. He graduated from Apeiteion Gymnasium in Agros. He is a holden of Law degree from the National Kopodistrian University of Athens. He joined Cyprus Post in 1980 and he holds the position of Chief Postal Superintendent  since 15/7/2008. He is the Head of the Administration and Financial Division as well as the Costing, Statistics and Strategic Studies section. 

He is married and has two children.