Anorthosis Ammochostos Centenary

Designer: Rodoula Nicolaou

Anorthosis was established in Ammochostos in 1911 and this year it celebrates 100 years of historic, sporting and cultural achievement. It was and continues to be a beacon of progress and a contributor to the Cyprus community and in particular the national issue. It takes a leading role and has assisted in encouraging sport through the various team sections it organises. It was a supporter of the national liberation struggle, with a number of members contributing to it. The Association’s displacement due to the Turkish invasion in 1974 did not put an end to Anorthosis’ brilliant course; from its temporary base in Larnaka, it has succeeded in progressing in sport and has an international reputation. Therefore, Anorthosis is, undoubtedly, an unyielding ambassador for the Cyprus problem. Its main vision remains its return to its ancestral land. 

€0,34: 50.000

€0,68: 9.000