Beauty of Akamas

Designer: George Papaioannou

The Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas Peninsula is on the western coast of Cyprus. The area is one of exceptional beauty and forms an enchanting mosaic of many contrasting plateaus and plains, streams and gorges, sandy and rocky beaches, caves and islets. The area and the state forest in particular form a refuge for more than 650 species of flora, of which 42 are endemic and 200 species of fauna, of which 11 are endemic.

The Avakas Gorge

The Avakas Gorge is in the Peyia State Forest, within Akamas, north of the “Toxeftra” beach, at the mouth of the Avgas River, from which it takes its name. It is the most impressive gorge on the island with limestone rocks rising more than 30 metres and is home many rare, endemic species of flora and fauna.

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