Christmas 2015

The commemorative card depicts the Birth of Christ.

The icon is from the Panayia Agrou  Eleousa church, placed high in the iconostasis in the section of The Twelve Great Feasts (Dodekaorton). It is one of a number of icons created by the painter Solon, or Solomos Frangoulides, between 1932 and 1934.

In terms of style, the icons cannot be characterised as Byzantine or western. They are the result of the artist’s freedom of thought and imagination. For this reason they display a unique beauty and serenity that can be enjoyed by all.

The impressive silver gilt (1815) that adorns the €0,41 stamp, showing the Virgin Mary - “Kyra Makedonitissa” - holding the Christ child, is in the iconographic style of  “Anothen oi Profites” (“Above the Prophets”).

Idealisation and “fear of the unknown” characterise the multi-faceted composition. The prophets and two angels hold scrolls with text referring to the Theodokos (Mother of God). At the right foot of the Theodokos is an area for the veneration of the icon.

The design of the cover was created by John Cornaro (1745-1812), an engraver and painter from Crete. The heads of the majority of the figures are painted by the artist in the style of the School of Kornaros

The two €0,34 and €0,64 stamps, apart from the religious significance of Christmas, also depict the festivity of joy and hope, a celebration steeped in ancient traditions.

The first stamp depicts the New Year custom of the throwing of olive leaves into the fire. The second, reflects the sending of Christmas wishes to loved ones; wishes both for the joyful message of Christmas and for a better and happier new year.

€0,34: 55.000
€0,41: 55.000
€0,64: 55.000

Miniature sheet:
€2,00: 55.000

€1,39: 6.000
€2,92: 6.000