Europe 2012 - Visit Cyprus

Designer: Stelios Karamallakis

The theme for this year’s series “Europe”, is “Visit Cyprus”, chosen by PostEurop, the European public Postal Operators, and is common for all country–members of the Organisation.

Holidays 2012. Destination Cyprus!

Wonderful family times, far from the dull, daily routine, with the sun shining in the sky and the sea that is so closely connected with the tradition and culture of our land. A harmony of colours, images and sounds that speak to every visitor in his own unique language, the language of carefree times and happiness. Experience the pure, natural beauty on the highest peaks of the island and enjoy an unrivalled view or even wet your feet in the waters that gave birth to Aphrodite. Cyprus invites you on a trip to escape your everyday life, where your special interests are transformed into a source of inspiration and you will take home sweet memories that remain with you for a lifetime.

€0,51: 500.000
€0,68: 50.000

€4,76: 15.000

€1,53: 7.000