Europe 2013

Designer: Theodoros Kakoullis

The first postal service in Cyprus was established by the Austrians in 1845. In 1871 the first Ottoman post office was opened in Nicosia, and a second in Larnaca in 1873. All these were closed in 1878 when a temporary British Postal Service was opened.

During these early years the only public transport that operated between Larnaca and Nicosia was a horse drawn coach or a mail cart. A horse service was employed to carry mail to and from other towns and a mounted postman was not required to work for more than 100 miles per week. Mules were used in rural areas and bicycles within towns, suburbs and villages.

In 1910 mail services by motor vehicles was instigated between Limassol and Nicosia via Kophinou and Larnaca. In 1915 a contract was entered to with the Cairo motor company (London based) for motorized mail services covering all the towns thus heralding the end of a long epoch of mail coaches. Towards the middle of the 20th century mail buses were put in service between major towns. Vans, such as those depicted on the current stamps were introduced for the collection and distribution of bulk mail between outlying post offices in the towns and cities. Bicycles were replaced by scooters or small motorcycles.

€0,34: 55.000
€0,51: 550.000

€3,40: 18.000

€1,25: 7.000