Europa 2015 - Old Toys

Designer: Costas Panayi

The theme for this year’s “Europa” series is “Old Toys”, chosen by the European Public Postal Operators (PostEurop) and common to all country–members of the Organisation.

By Old Toys we mean the variety of playthings that were such an important part of the lives of children in days gone by, giving them not only great pleasure but at the same time contributing to their social development and encouraging habits that would be useful in the future.

The €0,34 stamp depicts children playing with a top (svoura), a spinning,  pointed toy of wood or metal, either in a single colour or, more often, multi-coloured, thrown by hand or with the aid of string or rope to whirl on the ground.

The €0,64 stamp depicts young children playing with marbles (volous) (known in the Cyprus dialect as “pirilia”). Marbles were small, round objects, single- or multi-coloured, made of glass or other materials. They were used to play a variety of games. 

€0,34: 275.000
€0,64: 275.000

€3,92: 12.000

€1,39: 6.000