Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU 2012

Design: Partners Consortium

The Republic of Cyprus assumes for the first time the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from July 1 until December 31, 2012. The exercise of this high-level mission, inherent in the EU membership, is a unique historical challenge and an important strategic investment for our country.

Modestly and humbly, albeit ambitiously, Cyprus will be at the center of the developments in Europe, will work consistently and wisely as a reliable, equal and responsible partner and contribute with its own colour and special social sensitivity in the construction of tomorrow’s Europe.

With the vision of "a better Europe" that means more for its citizens and the world, based on the fundamental principle of solidarity and efficiency, the Cyprus Presidency aims at successfully tackling today’s challenges and ensuring the cohesion of the European structure, so as to meet the aspirations and expectations of all European citizens, generate hope and prospects, strengthen social cohesion and the quality of life and highlight Cyprus and the EU as a whole as a ‘filoxenos topos’, a hospitable place in all sectors and for all citizens.

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