Joint Issue Cyprus – Armenia

Photograph: Haigez Mangoian
Design: Yiota Tsiaklidou

2015 marks the centenary of the Armenian Genocide which many wish to obliterate from the memory of the living. Cyprus Post and Armenia Post are jointly issuing a common design stamp in remembrance of this tragedy.

The Melkonian Orphanage was founded in 1924 by the Armenian industrialists Garabed and Krikor Melkonian of Egypt in order to house and educate the refugee orphans who had survived the massacres that had taken place in Ottoman Turkey during the First World War.

The first 103 orphans began to arrive in 1925. In later years the orphanage was known as  the Melkonian Educational Institute.

The image on the stamp is based on a photograph taken in the 1940’s by the late Haigaz Mangoian, a renowned photographer, himself a refugee, whilst the trees in the foreground were planted by the orphans in memory of their parents.

€0,64: 275.000

€1,02: 6.000