The Olive tree and its products

Designer: Marianna Iacovou

The olive tree is an evergreen perennial tree and belongs to the Olea europaea sativa family. From ancient times, the olive tree has been considered a symbol of peace and its leaves were used to crown the victors in ancient Greece, as a symbol of honorary distinction.  

The olive tree thrives in temperate climates and in particular in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. Its leaves are spear-shaped and have a dark greyish-green colour above and pale with whitish scales below; its fruit is initially green and it turns black when ripe.   

Olive oil, one of its products, is used as a supplement in various foods or as a raw material in preparing foods that are based on the Mediterranean diet, along with table olives, satisfying man’s many needs.

Olive oil is still used as fuel for lamps and for medical purposes and also as a key ingredient for the preparation of many other useful products.  

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