Olympic Games – London 2012

Designer: Ioanna Kalli

One day, when humanity knows how to successfully develop talent, every state/nation shall win its fair share of Olympic medals

Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Our Olympic team is preparing for the Olympic Games.

We have worked hard, with devotion to our goal. We are giving our all so that the unbounded Cypriot talent emerges and defies its population size, touching the top global sports. We believe that the time has come to win our fair share. We believe that our athletes are ready for the greatest summer celebration and will make our small country proud.

For Cyprus, faster, higher, stronger, with the Olympic team to London.

€0,22: 350.000
€0,26: 150.000
€0,34: 600.000
€0,43: 1.000.000

€1,59: 7.000