Oregano – Rouvanos (Origanum dubium)

Designer: Prodromos Apostolou

Oregano - or “rouvanos” - is a member of the Lamiaceae family. It is an aromatic bush or semi-bush growing up to 100 cm tall with spade-shaped, succulent and thick hairy leaves.

It is a species native to Cyprus, restricted mainly to the Pafos forest area and thrives in rocky areas in various habitats, at an altitude between 200 – 1000m.

It is used extensively in cooking and is one of the most popular herbs in the Mediterranean cuisine. Oregano is effective against headaches and insomnia and acts as a cure for stomach ailments. It also has analgesic and sedative properties. Its essential oils are extracted and used in the perfumery and pharmaceutical industry.

Oregano can be used as an ornamental plant and provides ground cover in combination with other species. It is also used in rock gardens and pots. It thrives in well-drained soil and can be planted from seed.

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