Cyprus Scouts Association Centenary

Designer: Melanie Efstathiadou

The Cyprus Scouts Association (C.S.A.) was founded  in 1913 and is a member of the World Scout Movement Organisation.

Since its establishment, the C.S.A. - through its Scout training - has provided its members with the necessary skills for life, teaching them their duty towards God and their Country and love for others. As a result, all those who wore and continue to wear the Scout uniform, are active participants in and contributors to society. Many of our heroes were Scouts and sealed with their lives the Promise that they had made  when  becoming members of the Scout movement.

It is estimated that more than 100.000 youngsters in Cyprus have been Scouts during these 100 years, and today the C.S.A. has around 6.000 members, with 54  active Scout Groups.  

€0,43: 550.000

€0,81: 7.000