The Cyprus Red Cross

Designer: Manolis Emmenouel

The commemorative stamp is being issued on the occasion of the recognition of the Cyprus Red Cross (C.R.C.) by the International Committee of the Red Cross as the 188th member of the International Movement on 23/2/2012.

The C.R.C. was founded in 1950 and is registered as a legal entity under Law 39 of 1967. It is the largest humanitarian organisation in Cyprus and its biggest project is the Children’s Convalescent Home in Limassol for children with serious disabilities. It offers moral and material support to the poor, the sick and the disabled, provides wheelchairs and special aid, and, since 1974 has covered the needs of the enclaved. It offers First Aid lessons, organises blood donations, helps in dealing with crises, covers the needs of migrants and organises campaigns on social, environmental, health  and other issues. It provides humanitarian assistance in dealing with disasters and undertakes large projects abroad, such as building a hospital and funding a second one in Sri Lanka, constructing a community clinic in Karatoula in fire-ravaged Elia in the Peloponnese,  funding the construction of an emergency telephone centre in Haiti and building two ambulance centres in Gaza. 

€0,22: 175.000

€0,60: 7.000