Spanos and the Forty Dragons

Linocut: Hambis Tsangaris
Artwork: Christina Vasiliadou Mezavorian

It is the passion of Hambis, the well-known Cypriot engraver, from the occupied village of Kontea, to spin the tales of the village - its sorrows, its beauty and its joys - just like a weaver. He never drops a stitch and his ink is transformed into a dragon, a sun, a river, a fairy with a knife, a witch with a jasmine flower.

An extract from his illustrated folk tale “Spanos and the Forty Dragons” is the theme for the new children’s stamp issued by the Cyprus Post. In total faithfulness to the style of the artist, this issue is addressed to children, the inheritors of a tradition who want to see justice prevail, the good to overcome the evil, with Spanos (the people) killing the Dragons (the enemy) and thus restoring justice (so the water of the river flows freely).

Adhesive stamp booklet of 5 stamps
€1,70: €28.000