The four seasons of the year

Designer: Melanie Efstathiadou

The stamps in this series graphically illustrate the four seasons, as each one occurs in Cyprus and in other countries of the temperate zone.

The €0,22 stamp illustrates winter. It is a period of rainfall, snow and generally bad weather, but also the time of the major holidays of Christmas and New Year. 

The €0,43 stamp illustrates spring, the sweetest season of the year. In this season all nature celebrates, the trees and the valleys are clothed in their green beauty and the migratory birds return once again to their nests. This season is glorified with the Resurrection and May Day.

The €0,85 stamp illustrates summer, the season that stands out with its fine weather and abundance of fruit. It is the season for reaping, relaxation and holidays when everyone enjoys the beauty of the sea and the mountains.

The €1,71 stamp illustrates autumn. During this season the days gradually shorten, the first rains fall, the fields are ploughed and the schools are once again filled with children’s voices. 

€0,22: 275.000
€0,43: 550.000
€0,85: 165.000
€1,71: 440.000

€3,67: 7.000