10th Anniversary of Marios Tokas’ death

Design: Marianna Iacovou

10th Anniversary of Marios Tokas’ death

Marios Tokas, was born in Limassol in 1954 and was engaged in music at a very young age. He studied at the National Conservatory of Athens and the School of Philosophy. After his studies he settled in Greece where he started a family. He composed great works of music inspired also from the rare Cypriot timbres, thus endearing them to every Greek.

In 1978, he released his first album “Ta tragoudia tis pareas”. Each one of his songs was a great success and interpreted by renowned singers his music was disseminated quickly among Greeks everywhere. In 1996 he composed the symphony “Theogenitor Maria”. Some of his landmark songs such as “Annoula tou Chionia”, “S’agapo san to gelio tou Mai”, “I nychta myrizi yasemi”, “San trelo fortigo”, “Exartatai”, “S’anazyto sti Saloniki”, “Ta ladadika”, “Thalasses”, “Dydima Fegaria”, demonstrate Marios Tokas’ talent as a melodist. He composed music for some great poems, for theatre plays, movies, as well as children’s songs. The Turkish invasion and occupation inspired in him such songs as “Anasikose tin plati sou Pentadaktyle”, Ammochostos Vasilevousa”, “I diki mou patrida”, etc., which touches the heart of Cypriot Hellenism.

In March 2001, the President of the Republic of Cyprus bestowed on him the Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Cyprus and in 2002 he was awarded with the “Yiannos Kranidiotis” Prize.

Marios Tokas passed away on 27 April, 2008.

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