Letter Mail

Special Services


The service for registered items is suitable for natural and legal persons who wish to send mail with guaranteed fixed amount of compensation against the risk of loss, theft or damage of postal items.

The amount of compensation is 30 SDR plus postage. Additionally there is the ability to track the objects (Track & Trace) from dispatch until delivery (with some exceptions).

Delivery is made to the beneficiary or to an authorised person. The recipient can collect the item at the Post Office or a Postal Agency upon presentation of a valid proof of identity bearing a recent photo.

Registered with Advise of Receipt/Delivery (AR)

It has the same characteristics as registered mail. In this case, as proof of delivery, form CN07 is completed and signed by the recipient, stamped by the Post Office / Agency and returned in a timely manner to the senders.

Registered with personal delivery

Delivered only to the recipient indicated in the object or a person authorized by him. The recipient can collect the item at the Post Office / Agency official document confirming the country of origin. The objects of this special service marked with the words "personal delivery".


The objects receive special handling in a way that accelerates receipt by the addressee.

Mail redirection:

It possible for natural and legal persons who have changed their postal address to request redirection of theior mail to the new address for a period of six months.

Alternatively, a P.O. Box can be rented that provides a fixed postal address.


Items with declared value (based on invoice) can be insured for the amount of their value. The service is offered for the domestic and in selected foreign countries.

Official and Private Franking Machines

There are Official Franking Machines at selected Post Offices. Using this service you may send a large volume of postal items without the need to affix stamps, at a minimal extra charge.

Alternatively, a client has the option to purchase a Private Franking Machine after obtaining a relevant licence from Cyprus Post. Mail can be franked at the client’s premises and submitted at a specified Post Office.

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