Letter Mail

Corporate Clients

Postage Paid Service

This service is ideal for businesses that send a large volume of mail. Following a straight forward application process, they acquire the permission to print envelopes with “Postage paid” mark, thus saving valuable time needed to affix stamps or use any other franking method and improving the corporate image.

The postal items may only be posted at the District Post Offices and the Mail Sorting Centre.

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Business Reply Service

Corporate clients that wish to get feedback from their customers without having to pay any postage fees, may use the Business Reply Service.

The mailing and the collection of the replies is effected at selected Post Offices and the charges are based on the replies received.

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For organizations, municipal authorities, associations and organizations want to highlight anniversaries or events we're offering advertising via commemorative slogan of departmental machines prepay postage.

Restrictions apply to the contents of the slogan.


Discounts are offered for the cross border mail based on the monthly turnover, according to the terms and conditioned contained in the price list.